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"The Absolute" 7"EP
Release date - October 21st, 2016.

Exclusive limited vinyl available now via
theessence dot bigcartel dot com


released October 21, 2016

Recorded in Nov 2015 at Rama Studios, Mannheim.

All songs by Spirit Crusher:
Adrian, Andy, Mike, Peter and Dom.

The Essence #11. All rights Reserved.



all rights reserved




Hardcore. The Absolute. Germany.

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Track Name: Introduction/Game Changer
Life is frail, that’s what you suspect
But it’s a truth, that you always neglect
Immortality it feels so real
But when the spell is broken, you see the deal

When it happens you are never prepared
But this certainty it leaves you scared
Life is different, it drives you mad
The hardest lesson, you ever had

I see the shadows, closing in on you
I wish that I could save you, but there’s nothing I can do

Game changer – nothing stays the same
Game changer – it is hard not to go insane

I see the fading of the light
Darkness falls, day turns to night

Time is running out, as life expires
There are no more dreams nothing to desire
Track Name: Force Of Denial
It hits you in the face, when you’re least prepared
You think it is the truth, but you should be scared
Do you know, what drives you insane
It’s like running from this roaring train
You lose control, you only react
You can’t decide if this is lie or fact
Gotta reflect – take your time – think it over
Take a step back before you lose your mind
Recognize the truth behind
Try to see through fact and fantasy
There’s a gap between perception and reality
This world doesn’t care about you
Even if you see people around you
Don’t you know what makes this sad
To see you act this crazy and mad
200 years going down the drain
You lose the power to stay sane
You lose the power to reflect
You’re forced to react
Track Name: Absolute Truth
Free to choose, free to decide
Nobody knows what’s wrong or right
Free to choose, free to decide
All these options weighing on my mind

It’s not as simple as it used to be
Nothing is for certain but uncertainty
I felt different in my youth
But now I know there’s no absolute truth

Sometimes I’m tired of having to choose
Sometimes I feel like I can only lose
Sometimes it’s like a weight around my neck
Sometimes I can hardly raise my head
Sometimes it’s simply dragging me down
Sometimes it makes me scream without a sound
These thoughts are with me day by day
But sometimes I feel that I can find my way

Never know for certain – never know for sure
Sometimes I find a clue, but I think I need more

How can truth be absolute
When I can barely feel, what’s bad and good

Free my mind from this burden of choice
Gotta shut out the world to block out the noise